About us

When I was young we had vinyl records and cassette tapes. Technology changed the world into a bunch of 1's and 0's and everything was better, right ?

Here at Tym records I'm not all analogue because it sounds better (it does) and I'm not all analogue because it's better technology (it is) and we're not limited edition because it's cooler (it is). I'm all analogue because it's special, it has substance and it's honest, just like the music that's pressed into it.

The Tym record club are limited edition split 7" singles with unique music submitted by bands or artists who are interested in being part of this experience. Each club single is limited to 200 vinyl singles only that will not be re-issued (by me) in this or digital format (by me) at ANY time in the future. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. This is not to make them more collectible or valuable in the future. This is to make them special just like the people involved in making them available. The numbered 7”s are released with the idea being that I can get them into hands overseas and hopefully get exposure for the local bands involved.

The record club is limited to 100 members with an upfront cost which guarantees you the first 10 record club releases. You will not know which bands or artists will be released in advance. The idea is this club will introduce you to music that you wouldn't normally be exposed to. Some of them you'll love, some of them you won't. Some of them may change your life. That's what music is all about.

Tym records will also release 7 and 12" vinyl of unique, new, unreleased or hard to get music that I think deserves to be treated with this  same respect.

The "non" record club releases will also be limited edition with each release being taken on its own merits to gauge how many will be available. These will be single band double side 7 and 12" vinyl releases of new recordings, tour singles or reissues of non vinyl or out of print music from like minded musicians and artists.

Technology will continue to evolve and develop but the reason for making and listening to music won't, not real music made by people who care for people who care. Tym records will cater to these people. In this mass produced world where everything is available cheap and instantly, I intend to make music available to people who appreciate it for what it is. Special.