TYM061 OUT NOW. Return to White Chairs 12"

Polarised by the politics and conservatism of this time, Brisbane gave birth to some of the world’s most influential punk, post-punk, and counterculture bands. Return to White Chairs V2 celebrates this time, the music, and the many people that lived, loved and played in that scene. After the measured success of the 2012 Return To White Chairs V1, V2 was never going to be anything but amazing. From the outset, it was realised that this was going to be a huge event. The venue, the production, and the lineup was curated to present a once in a lifetime show to be enjoyed by the fans and the artists alike. It was also recognised that the likelihood of putting together a show like this again was slim at best so it was decided that it must be preserved for posterity. With the help of some of this country’s finest engineers, Tym Records now proudly presents a very special chronicle of this show and a very important slice of Brisbane music history.

Return To White Chairs V2 featured one of the era’s earliest punk legends RAZAR, reforming again after their notorious tenth anniversary reunion show almost thirty years ago. A massive support lineup included other recognised names from back in the day; The Toy Watches, The Horny Toads, Scrap Metal, Public Execution, The 5 Hanks, Vacant Rooms, The Cultured Few, and The Chrysalids, all playing genres encompassing punk, new wave, rockabilly, power indie pop, and good ol’ rock and roll. More recent combinations of players from the era are found in Dr Bombay, The Dangerous Folk, and The Bollocks, who represent indie rock, Celtic punk, and pure punk rock. This was a huge day and night of talent, nostalgia, and fun.

Return To White Chairs V2 is available from 14 October in very limited, numbered vinyl from Tym Records, selected stockists, or via the Return To White Chairs website. All album purchases will include a free digital download of the album, including bonus tracks, so you can immediately enjoy the show on your mobile device.

TYM060. Dreamtime. Tidal Mind out May 3rd. PRE SALE NOW.

Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) /Little Cloud Records (USA) and TYM Records (Australia) are proud to bring to you the long awaited fourth full length LP from Brisbane Astral Travelers - Dreamtime.

The wave has crashed, producing a million waves of sound, each breaking on the shores of your own TIDAL MIND. DREAMTIME have gazed deeply into the infinite depths of our earthly ocean bringing you their new opus: TIDAL MIND.

Studying the interactions of liquids, plants and creatures of sea, DREAMTIME have listened carefully to the deep sounds of dark depths. From this sweet salty symphony, they have used their instruments not to play mere chords but to ride within these waves of sound letting our human ears drink deeply from the vast waters.

Channelling distant echoes of krautrock masters into not only the sounds created but their approach towards recording spontaneous thoughts, feelings and jams; Kosmic music runs deeply in the veins of these five musicians. TIDAL MIND falls into perfect sequence in the progression of this band that feels no ties to conventional musical impressions cast down upon the masses by the mainstream. The band makes its own channel through the embrace of natural patterns creating unique DREAMscapes permanently altering ones perception of the world that surrounds us.

Harnessing the perfection of analogue equipment while utilising modern techniques the band entered the studio and successfully laid down some ritual shit. The album sees DREAMTIME not content to reproduce previous sounds but press ever forward into the deep Kosmic unknown. TIDAL MIND sees the band return to the studio with Darek Mudge setting the controls for the heart of the ocean. Unheard sounds of unfathomable depths have been recorded/mixed and mastered so you can place the needle in the groove and enjoy them in the comforts of your own home.

TYM059. Kim Salmon Hookline and Singer 12" out tomorrow.

When you play as many shows and Kim Salmon, both with his bands The Scientists, The Surrealists, The Beasts of Bourbon or the many other guises Kim works under including his solo work, there will be ... special shows that you remember as being ... special.

One such show was a solo show Kim did in 1992 in Richmond, Melbourne. He set up his amp and guitar at the Central Club that night and ran through a kind of best of set of songs he'd written and co-written up to that point along with a couple of covers unaware that "Heppy", his sound guy was recording the set on DAT through the desk.

Andrew Hepburn gave Kim a cassette copy of the show explaining that it was a great show, a great performance, it was special.

Kim eventually dubbed some cassette copies to sell on merch stands of his shows. These cassettes eventually became legendary in Kim Salmon circles. Who got one originally? Who still had theirs? Was yours chewed up in the car stereo?

Fast forward 25 years and Kim and I are talking about another release after the Live at Tym guitars 12" released in March 2017. He mentioned "the cassette" and said he'd always thought it deserved a broader release.

As Kim only had one copy of the cassette he dropped it off next time he was in Brisbane. It was nerve-wracking process of getting Donnie Miller, who runs Tym studios (and works in the shop) to transfer this delicate analogue copy to digital so we could listen to it.

Kim's copy was corrupted so we went back to "Who still had theirs?" and eventually got another copy from a friend of Kims, Anthony, who graciously sent his copy, which also had issues (cassettes hey ...)

With some studio magic and mastery by Donnie we ended up with an excellent sounding "master" to press a vinyl version. However it was too long for a 12" at 30 mins a side. Paul at Zenith records in Melbourne went the extra mile (and more) to cut a master this length and it sounds GREAT. I can honestly say we wouldn't have this amazing piece of vinyl with Donnie and Paul.

So, 26 years later Hookline and Singer get's it's official vinyl release. The show that stopped the show. The night the planets aligned and Kim channeled all the greats (of which he is one) and performed a show that was, and will be remembered as "one of those shows" that we are all lucky enough was captured on the night at the desk.

Kim Salmon Hookline and Singer 12" contains 16 of Kim's favourites performed with an electric guitar and the swagger of Kim Salmon and is out exclusively through Tym records tomorrow (19 Dec 2018) and available straight from Kim on merch stands at his upcoming shows.



Tym records has worked with Peter Black before on several occasions in both his solo outings and with one of his bands, The Hard-Ons. There are many reasons for these collaborations but essentially I love Blackie's music, his attitude and his life long commitment to R'n'R..

After Peter spent 2016 working on his exhausting and very impressive "Song A Day" project where he recorded and released a song EVERY day for 2016, which Tym records released a 7" EP with his favourites and .... leftover songs, he quickly regrouped and started working on this album which was recorded in April 2017.

As well as extensive recording and touring with his main bands The Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly, this is Blackies 5th solo album, but this time with a band, well, drummers. His year long quest that was the SAD project honed his skills at both songwriting and recording meaning these 12 songs could be recorded in 5 days at Pet Food Factory by Jason Whalley.

While Blackies previous solo albums were (mostly) acoustic solo performances, this LP is much more diverse and moves from simple, beautiful pop similar to his other solo albums to heavy, catchy riff laden rock more reminiscent of The Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly.

This LP is a wonder of guitar driven pop by one of Australia's hardest working musicians and I'm honoured to have been given the opportunity to bring it to you on vinyl.

Blackie has appeared on TYM020, 024, 042, 052 and now TYM058 with his latest outing originally intended for cassette only release in Japan and remastered especially for vinyl by Phil Wilson for this release 

TYM058 is OUT NOW through Tym records worldwide. 


TYM057 out RSD2018

I'm absolutely honoured to be working with these guys on this debut 12" LP. 

These guys play angular, abrasive yet beautiful guitar/bass/drum driven punk with hooks and riffs everywhere interjected with catchy, melodic vocals. 
This debut 12" sounds like Brisbane and yet draws influences from far away in space and time. 
This is an amazingly mature piece of work for three young people to make taking cues from DC hardcore, British post punk and Australian indie while keeping a familiar, but fresh feel.

It's an amazing LP from three young guys making great abstract pop. 

his LP was recorded at Tym studios by Donnie and then mixed and mastered by Donnie so it's really a Tym release.

e will be launching Leavings 12" out through Tym records (TYM057) on RSD and available at the instore and on the site the following day.  


TYM056 Grinding Eyes ST 12" out NOW

Grinding Eyes are no strangers to Tym records. We have worked together before on a couple of 7"s (TYM037/045) but I'm pretty happy to announce the release of this debut LP out through Tym records. 

Grinding Eyes seamlessly combine genres and ideas into fuzz laden sixties psych and pop. The songs are guitar and bass driven slices of horror movie soundtracks and surf tunes melded with garage and psych. The thumping drums drive things along at a heavy pace while the drone of the keyboards gives a slightly uneasy, but pleasant feeling to the whole mix. Matts vocals seem to be coming from some distant place while still being up front and engaging.

This four piece seem to be able to make something so familiar and yet so fresh at the same time. It's definitely rooted in sixties psych pop but their love of garage, drone and Krautrock show their heads while keeping fuzzy melody and structure at the forefront. 

Recorded by Owen Pengilis (Straight Arrows) and mixed by Jim Diamond (The Dirtbombs, The Hives, White Stripes) and mastered in Detroit by Ghetto with both sides clocking in at exactly 18 minutes these 9 songs take you on a real journey of acid tinged British psych via Seattle, Detroit, Berlin and delivered squarely from Sydney, Australia. 

This limited edition 12" is on green/purple vinyl available only through Tym records. 

Vinyl copies will be available through NO COUNT records in Seattle. The digital release is available on CD through Off The Hip records in Melbourne.  

Off The Hip records

No Count Records
Grinding Eyes

Delays on pressing TYM053 and 054

Unfortunately these two releases have been delayed due to issues ate the plant.

We hope to have them out/shipping by late August.

Sorry for any inconvienience.


TYM053 and 054 out August. Presales NOW.

Tym records is immensely proud to announce the imminent release of the new FOREVR records into the world on presale NOW and released August 11th.

This two LP release of dense guitar driven electronic pop is destined to be an Australian classic. Laboured over for an extended period of time, this heavily layered release has been carefully assembled in two parts, released simultaneously on black vinyl through Tym records.

FOREVR have worked with Tym records before on a 7" release, Shoegazer (TYM040) but the band have developed considerably since this release showing new movements and directions while keeping the core of female vocal driven melodic music with heavy guitars over drum and keyboards. 

FOREVR is Donovan Miller, Sam George-Allen, Kate Mackenzie and Thomas Roche. 

Recorded and produced by FOREVR. Mixed and mastered by Donovan Miller at Tym Guitars.

Black vinyl PRESALE only through Tym records. Out August 11.

Classics 12"

Death is a miracle 12"

FOREVR bandcamp

TYM051 out RSD2017.

Kim Salmon is a legend of not only Australian music, but globally has influenced and inspired too many bands to name.
Playing in several local Perth punk bands in the seventies he moved to Sydney and by the dawn of the eighties the Scientists were laying down a sludgy blueprint for rock to follow. 
Starting a side project a couple of years later with the Beasts of Bourbon he worked with a veritable who's who of Australian R'n'R royalty and released the Axeman's Jazz, which is regarded as another cornerstone of Aus rock.
With the Scientists still performing and recording he formed the Surrealists later in the decade and forged new ground sonically yet again.
The following decades introduced more bands and more members to the ever changing, never static Salmon world.
In late August 2016, Kim hooked up with an old friend, Joe Presedo, who had played in the Scientists in the UK back in the mid eighties along with friends Rob and Alana, and did one night, two sets of rock at the Junk Bar in Brisbane.
The next day, this band still reeling from the night before, played an afternoon matinee at Tym guitars and fired through a "best of" set featuring Kim through all his incarnations and decades. 
As anyone who has attended these instores will attest, they are casual affairs where magic often happens. The two previous "live at Tym guitars" 12"s on Tym records present both Heavy Blanket and Earthless in absolutely stunning form, and this one was no different.
Captured, like all the instores, for future generations to have their minds bent and listen to in awe.

This 13 song 12" spans Kim's career highlights with early songs like Frantic Romantic onto Drop Out and Cool Fire, through A Bitter Projection and It's All The Same (originally released with Spencer P Jones) and Carry On Baggage (from Kim and Leanne) right through to Gorgeous & Messed Up and Making me Better from Kim's new album via Scientists classics like Pissed On Another Planet and Swampland. 

Recorded, mixed and mastered for vinyl by Donnie Miller with artwork by Kim Salmon and Cathy Stephens this limited edition 12" will be out through Tym records on April 22 for RSD2017.

Kim will be playing in the shop with the same band on the day to officially launch the LP at a FREE and ALL AGES instore also featuring Peter "Blackie" Black (the Hard-Ons/Nunchukka Superfly), FOREVR, Brief Habits, Leavings and Andrew Tuttle.