TYM004 Earthless

Earthless went into the studio January 21st 2012 in the wake of Earthless' 10th year of being a band and recorded this song. It was recorded live at the bands spiritual home The Casbah in San Diego CA. Recorded by Chris Grundy on a portable reel to reel 8 track. Mastered by John McBain. Available for the first time on Tym records.

I first met these guys when they toured Australia last time. I'd already met Mario who plays drums with Earthless when he toured a few years earlier with one of his other bands, the Hotsnakes. When I heard they were coming out I must admit to not knowing a lot about Earthless. My friend Rob who was tour managing them said "you gotta see these guys" which I now take as an order when he tells me this after being introduced to SO many great bands.

If someone described Earthless to me and told me I'd love 'em, I'd tell them they're mad. I come from the Ramones school of music, and although I listen to lots of different music, I would have said that "heavy psych jam" would have been low on my list. I mean, I like Hendrix and Blue Cheer, but long extended instrumental songs were a long way from what I listened to at the time.

I met up with the guys before the show and we all seemed to hit it off. We talked gear and music and gear. I watched the show in utter dismay. Watching them play live you quickly understand that this isn't three guys who mess around with this in their spare time. They are a finely tuned machine of amazing musicians who blend together as one organism and play impressively smooth and dirty instrumentals heavily influenced by late sixties and early seventies psych rock.

I stood there trying to work out what was going on in my brain. Why was this so amazing ? Listening to a rhythm section locked in so tight and yet so fluid, with one of the most amazing guitar players you'll ever see or hear, playing constantly over the top while never getting cheesy or tacky was just amazing, even for almost an hour. The answer is ........... taste. They have great taste. Watching them its obvious why they are considered to be one of the best bands of this genre ....... Ever. They are truly amazing.

I kept in touch after the tour and made Mike and Mario pedals. One day I got an email from Isaiah asking if I'd be interested in helping him find his tone, fuzz wize ? It was a no brainier for me. I'd been listening to their records since the tour and started buying similar music in an attempt to understand it, but Earthless just stood out as something very special.

These interactions with Mike and Isaiah ended up in the form of the Earthless guitar and bass fuzz pedals. Hand made by me with interaction from both guys it was an honor and a pleasure to be part of.

With the news of another Australian tour looming, and my new record label up and running it was a question away. "Can I release an Earthless tour single on my label ?". The guys were pumped and all thought it was a great idea and so ............. here it is. 

TYM004 is a "non record club" limited edition release of 600 only, 7" 33 1/3 RPM singles with one song, with the affectionate working title of "Earthless 10th Anniversary Jam" , available on pre order in 100 blue vinyl along with 200 red available from December 7th at Meredith festival and at all the shows on their December tour of Australia. There will also be a very limited number of purple copies available from our good friends at Outer Battery records as USA import only. 

Details of all pre orders and other release dates soon.