Record club sold out in 24 hours

Well, the record club memberships went up for sale and sold faster than expected. This first release of ten 7" singles was limited to 100 members worldwide and all subscriptions are now sold out except for a couple of overseas subs still up for grabs.

The first two bands on the first split are, in all honesty, two bands who, had my dream been to start a record label would have been on my wish list. I have known members of these bands for a long time and consider them to be good friends. It's nice to have good friends who are so insanely talented.

These two bands, I consider to be two of the best bands Australia has produced. Both bands are amazing live, when you can actually see them, and both have recordings I hold dear to my heart. The two songs these bands went into the studio and recorded are ........ Amazing. Not only because they are great songs by great bands, but also because they lovingly accepted when I asked if they wanted to be involved in other one of my hair brain ideas. And I am forever in their debt for saying yes.

One of the truly great things about doing what I do, running a music shop, repair shop, studio, practice rooms, hire gear etc etc is that I get to meet, and make lasting friendships with some pretty amazing people.

So, with this release I hope to bring you a never ending (not literally) stream of music that will move you, hopefully for the positive, but that's not an essential part of my game plan.

Thanks to The Nation Blue and Turnpike for existing and making the world a better place.