Welcome to Tym records

Some of you already know me as the guy behind Tym guitars in Brisbane, Australia. I have been working in music since around 1995 and have been going to live music since 1980. I bought my first record in the early/mid 70's (I'm not telling you what it was) and over the space of the next 30 years bought many, many more.

I moved into a bigger retail shop in 2011 and set up a record shop along with my guitars, amps, effects etc. To fund this, I sold my entire vinyl record collection ............ Yeah, I know. Up until that point I had NEVER sold a record from my collection before. It was ............ liberating.

I have many many friends in bands all over the world I do work for through my shop and the same thought kept coming up over and over again. Lots of these friends have mentioned or offered support with the idea but my time is VERY limited so I've never taken it any further.

Until International Record Store Day 2012 when my shop put on 5 live bands (we do a lot of instores for touring bands) and imported A LOT of new vinyl in for the day. By 2pm you couldn't get into my shop and the street outside was packed. The bands were great, the customers were excited and the day was a roaring success, and we sold a truck load of vinyl.

As someone who grew up with vinyl it's great to see it back, and back with a vengeance. There's something very ......... tangible about vinyl. Sure it's hard to store, it's environmentally unfriendly and it's  a pain when you move house, BUT, it's very tactile, friendly, reassuring ......... warm. 

With all this in mind I decided to start a small vinyl only record label (with all my spare time) with the idea being that like minded people, who think this way also, can be involved in something more .... tangible than walking into a huge chain shop and buying something recommended to them by a kid who hasn't heard of  Superchunk, or going online and downloading a file with no artwork, no crackles and no love.

Over however long this label continues I will endeavor to bring you new, old, exciting and maybe even unlistenable "music" and hopefully introduce you to your new favorite band. 

Enjoy. Tim.