TYM015 out soon

TYM015 will be the last single in the current record club and features Dollar Bar and Tiny Spiders. Pressing was delayed so the Oct release will now be early Nov.

Dollar Bar : It was 2003 and Dollar Bar had been on a deep Aussie bender. We'd just played an Australia Day boat cruise with Giants Of Science and The Anyones where we dished out an entire set of Aussie covers. Learning songs by Divinyls, INXS, AC/DC, Men At Work, and especially Mental As Anything and Australian Crawl, made me want to write a really Aussie song. Using the title "Legside" seemed like a good starting point. (A cricket reference! Why not?) It was also the stopping point as far as typical Australian-ness went. From there I delved into the usual non sequiturs and a some references to that feeling when you leave the cinema in the afternoon, expecting dark out side, but instead finding the harsh Brisbane sunlight. Dollar Bar re-arranged the song (for the better) and the final touch was introducing a lead vocal interchange between myself and Chris. I still really get a kick out of "Legside" and I hope you do too.

Tiny Spiders : Tiny Spiders = drums + guitar = noise + pop. We recorded this song on cassette four track and then dumped it onto the computer to mix it. We get called lo-fi a lot but this is probably the first recording we've done that kind of deserves that label. Theme-wise it's somewhat socially minded, although in our usual fragmented, abstract way. The fewer lyrics to remember the better. A different version of the song will probably be on an album next year.