TYM018 will be out in January and is a non club tour split 7" single featuring two brand new exclusive songs from ol' friends The Shrine and for the first time on Tym records, the great Brooklyn band Dirty Fences.

Presolds available soon (ish) and import available in the US from Eliminator. More info on that soon.

Dirty Fences are a rock 'n' roll band from Brooklyn, New York who play dirty, amphetamine driven skate rock crossed with classic NY punk. They've released an EP and an album through Volcom that will blow your Converses clean off. These guys make a sound like a New York subway train hurtling towards a bunch of stoner skaters with a little bit of ol' school soul somewhere buried in the mix. They've been long time friends and touring mates of the Shrine, who need no introduction here. So, finally, they're together on the same piece of wax.