It is with great pleasure that I announce TYM012 is out in July and features the immensely talented Brett Netson from Built To Spill and local singer/songwriter Kellie Lloyd.

I met Brett when he was on tour here with his band Built to Spill and we bonded over pedals and politics. The meeting ended with a signature pedal I make for him and an understanding of how things should work. Brett's an amazing guitarist with BtS but when I heard his solo album I realized he was also an amazing songwriter and singer. So here we are, on Tym records.

I first met Kel years ago when she moved to Brisbane and became part of the people I knew through music. She played in a few scrappy punk/grunge bands and then joined Screamfeeder (then known as the Madmen) and they played their first show with this name and line up in my lounge room at a party. I have watched as she writes songs and release records ever since.