TYM028 out december.

TYM028 is the next club split single out December featuring Freak Wave from Melbourne and Seaplane from Brisbane. 

Freak Wave are four old friends being nostalgic while moving forward from Melbourne who wear their 90's US indie sound proudly on their sleeves while taking discordant pop and punk and giving it just the right amount of weight and Australian feel to make it sound like it couldn't come from anywhere else but the great southern land. 4 old friends being nostalgic while moving forward.
Made up of four old friend’s who’s musical paths have crossed in different ways for over a decade. Featuring Neil Moog and Mike Hodson (Kill Whitey), Adrian Lombardi (MYC/ Blueline Medic) and Andy Hayden (A Death In The Family),

Seaplane are another one of Brisbane's most underrated bands you've probably never heard of. This three piece writes everything from perfect pop to slightly disconcerting noise while keeping it engaging, entertaining and a pure pleasure to listen to. Mixing slightly off kilter "lo-fi" and slacker pop with noise and shoegaze with hooks this good makes their albums, and live shows a genuine treat. 
Indie trio SEAPLANE features the duelling guitars of Dale Peachey and Stirling Bartlam, with the most gifted Scott Brique on drums. Irregulars on the Brisbane indie scene, SEAPLANE's angular rock is a combination of catchy, obscure and/or intelligent songs and expansive instrumentals.

As always there will be 50 copies for non club members worldwide on release.