RSD 2014. It's gonna be better than Christmas

April 19th, 2014 is gonna be one of those days that people say "where were you on Record Store day ?, 'cause you shoulda been at Tym guitars"

I'm VERY happy to announce that RSD this year we are playing host to one of the greatest Aussie punk rock bands to ever walk our soil. The Hard-Ons will be flying into Brisbane for a few hours (literally) to play a FREE and ALL AGES single launch at Tym guitars just for you, and you ....... and probably you.

Launching the re-issue of their classic 7" Girl in the Sweater out on RSD through Tym records and available ONLY at the shop on the day. We have also got together to offer you something else VERY special. If you buy a copy of Girl in the Sweater on the day from Tym guitars you go into the running to win an original piece of Ray Ahn artwork from the 80's kindly donated by The Hard-Ons for this event. You have to be there and buy a copy of the limited edition 7" to be in the draw.

Also playing on the day is another band the Tym records fans will now. Sounds Like Sunset are dropping in for the afternoon from Sydney to play a set of their lush, noisy, feedbacky (is that a word?) pop. It's no secret how much I love these guys and I'm incredibly humbled they would come all this way to play in my shop, for the second time.

Captives are coming all the way from Tasmania to give us a dose of what has always made Tasmania ...... different from the mainland punk bands. It's their first trip north so some of you may not know the name but you'll be buying records, tees, merch ........ whatever you can get your hands on after this show. For fans of the Bronx, RFTC and Jesus Lizard I suggest you get along and check these guys out when you can, and you can on RSD.

Golden Bats is a one man powerhouse of riffs and ripped out vocals. Slow, dirgey and brutal in equal parts but without ever losing a sense of melody and purpose. Layered, down tuned guitars and drum machines should be a welcome relief for those of you expecting a pop and punk. We can fit more amps on stage without a drum kit ..............

Columbia Buffet are a pop punk band from Brisbane who I was introduced to through my 12 in a dozen project last year and personally, I love 'em. Bringing 80's and 90's "catchy emo pop" to one of it's logical conclusions in a world where Superchunk married the Lemonheads. They'll be kicking off proceedings.

The second exclusive release from Tym records on Record Store Day Australia is a limited edition, coloured vinyl new single from the indie supergroup sweet apple. Featuring members of Dinosaur Jr, Witch, Cobra Verde, Guided by Voices, Death of Samantha, Dusty Skull (the list goes on and on) this is the second single off the new album out in April through Tee Pee Records.

The Tym 7" features and exclusive Australian cover on the flip recorded especially for this release. It seems to be a "thing" now with US bands and Tym records. I'm not complaining 
These will ONLY be available from Tym guitars worldwide on RSD2014 but will be available online and through Tee Pee afterwards depending on availability. 

Golden Bats will be releasing EP 6 at this event and will be a Record Store Day exclusive available ONLY at Tym guitars worldwide. They will be destroying any unsold copies at the end of the day... I suggest you get along and grab one if EP's 1-5 are anything to go by. 

I'm also pretty happy to announce that we will have VERY limited numbers of a Hard-Ons Tee available in black or white on the day to help celebrate the release of Girl in the Sweater reissue on Tym records. Get in quick if you need one. ONLY available in the shop.

LOTS of giveaways. Exclusive vinyl and more Tym records RSD releases to announce. It's gonna be BIG people. FREE and ALL AGES so bring the kids and educate them on live music and those archaic black discs that hold more than music.