TYM019 out tomorrow

I'm pretty excited to announce that the first single for the Tym records club #2 is OUT TOMORROW. 
Featuring Dumb Numbers and Golden Bats. 


(TYM019) Dumb Numbers is the "band name" used by LA via Melbourne artist Adam Harding. I have known Adam for some time and he has done stuff on my label before but he never ceases to amaze me with his ideas and tones for his music. Here he assembles an amazing array of musicians to help him record an exclusive song inc Bobb Bruno (Best Coast) and Dale Crover (Melvins) and more resulting in a song that is eclectic and original. Adam has released quite a few singles and EP's under his own name but this is his first foray as a "band". The resulting album is amazing. That might be due to his collaborators, or maybe just because he writes great songs.


(TYM019) Golden Bats is a one man powerhouse of riffs and ripped out vocals. Slow, dirgey and brutal in equal parts but without ever losing a sense of melody and purpose. Layered down tuned guitars and drum machines might sound like a combination that doesn't belong on my label but I like it when it's done right and this is done right. Golden Bats has a plethora of CD EP's released so far but a long player would be a thing to behold. Cough cough !!

If you were in club 1 and have said you wanted to be in club 2 get in and pay for your subscription or grab one of the handful left off the site ASAP. They're aren't many left at this stage.