Tym records exclusively importing Cardinal Fuzz throughout Asia

I am VERY, VERY (very) happy to announce that we are now the official importers of the GREAT Cardinal Fuzz label into Australia. I'm excited about this not only because I personally collect EVERYTHING they release, and their stuff is AWESOME, but it's also very limited pressings and we are guaranteed copies of everything they do. 

For those of you that don't know this great label it is a British label for all your psych/kraut/garage rock needs. Dave, the man in charge, is a tireless and tasteful music fan who put out these great limited edition 12"s and 7"s in the classic "fan for a fan" way. All releases are VERY limited and usually sell out on presale but we are guaranteed copies of every vinyl release for sale through my shop and site.

Most early releases are SOLD OUT but (as of writing) we do have some stock of more recent releases still available.

The Record Label is also the publisher of Optical Sounds Fanzine which we also stock.