TYM024 record club 7"

Peter Black is better known around these parts as Blackie, the guitarist, singer and one of three of the nicest people in the Hard-Ons. When he's not playing heavy, primeval punk rock, he's playing heavy, primeval sludge psych in Nunchukka Superfly, and when he's not playing that, he's playing acoustic, melodic driven folk on his own. 

Jason Simon is the guitarist, singer, songwriter for US psych/stoner band Dead Meadow. With that project he unleashes an amazing array of noise, feedback, volume and melody as the three piece grinds the sprawling psych landscapes. As Jason Simon he writes and plays beautiful, acoustic folk and blues as an amazing counterpoint to the beautiful squall. His self titled solo album from 2011 is one of my favorite "stripped back" albums ever. 

So now, Tym records is proud to announce a split 7" club release featuring these two racket making raconteurs in their more intimate forms baring their hearts and souls with little more than an acoustic guitar for accompaniment. 

Out September 2014 exclusively on Tym records worldwide.