TYM025 out this week

TYM025 is Adam Franklin's Bolts Of Melody album for the first time on vinyl.

Recorded over a period of years from 2004 after the dissipation of Swervedriver when Adam was living in Toronto and touring solo under his own name, dragging his acoustic guitar on trains around the east coast of the US.
Drums were recorded in a studio in the city and then everyone set off for a cabin on the lake in Hawkestone, Ontario to build tracks based on Adam's solo acoustic sets, Sophia soundchecks and unfinished Swervedriver songs, and boxes full of pedals. 
An album was assembled but not finished and more songs came over time. Collaborators came and went and Adam kept recording in Toronto, NY and back in the UK.
It wasn't until 2007 that the album was finished and the name Bolts of Melody, taken from a collection of Emily Dickinson poems, was released on CD in June of that year.

Now, for the first time ever this album has been remastered for vinyl, with new liner notes by Adam and lyrics sheet and offered to the world exclusively through Tym records on limited edition 180 gram vinyl format.

Due to a mix up at the plant it is available ONLY on limited edition splatter 180 gram from January 30th.