TYM030. The mighty HYDROMEDUSA

Hydromedusa are a bunch of riffin' stoners from Adelaide who's love of sixties psych collides head on with seventies hard rock in a loud display of fuzzy guitars and bass and big thunpin' drums rounded out with vocals from a throat that has pulled one too many buckets. In this era of "modern psych stoner" where anyone with a Fuzz Face and a valve amp with Marshall written on it can claim to channel the spirit of rock, these guys come out blazing like an Australian MC5 mixed with Blue Cheer with dueling fuzzed out guitar solos while the rhythm section settles in for the ride and genuinely feels ....... right. One listen to these guys will convince you that you need to see them in a room with the kick drum hitting you in the chest and the guitar amp hitting you in the head.

Tym records is proud to announce the release of this bands first long player recorded live straight to tape and pressed into glorious black vinyl for your listening pleasure. Eleven thick blocks of heavy 70's Aus rock melded perfectly with just enough punk to make it obstinate and bring it kicking and screaming into the modern stoner world. 

Out May 2015 exclusively through Tym records worldwide.