TYM036. The Hymies 7" out in August

In celebration of all that is the Hymies, Tym records is releasing a 7" EP of classic Brisbane power drunk to remind music lovers everywhere just how great this band could be when firing on all cylinders.
Clocking in at just over 5 minutes these 3 songs became staples of Hymies live sets and were recorded by Bryce Moorehead at Zero Interference in a blitzkrieg session that introduced the world to the genius of the Hymies and Bryce to punk induced migraines. 
These 3 classics were released as part of their debut album "We Hate" which contained these and 9 more songs and wound up before you could hate it in a blurry distorted 24 minutes. 
Remastered and for the first time on glorious limited edition vinyl with cover artwork and insert by Brad Hymie it seems ... wrong that it took this long for this Brisbane powerhouse to release an actual vinyl EP.

The Hymies were Brisbane's answer to hardcore but with just the right amount of British punk thrown in to make it a little more interesting. They mixed eighties hardcore and seventies punk and glam to make fast, catchy songs that could tear your head off. On a good night, they were as good as it gets. On a bad night they were a shambles of drunken noise that sent everyone to the bar. Their songs (and sets) could over before you had a chance to ask the person beside you what they thought.