TYM034 out next Wednesday

TYM034 featuring Cruelty's Fun by the Meanies is out next Wednesday, 22nd July on Tym records worldwide.

Cruely's Fun is a 4 song single originally only released on CD by the Meanies in 1993 so these songs have been remastered especially for this limited edition release. 
Side one comes in at just over 2 minutes with Dead Stuff clocking in at a ridiculously beautiful 56 seconds. The title track Cruelty's Fun stretches the enjoyment out to a whopping 1.14.
Side two brings a much more mature 4.40 of pure pop punk with Emulator and Lay Your Body Down which means this crackin' little 4 song single can still be spun at 45RPM for your listening pleasure.
This EP was released during a very prolific spree of creativity that included almost 20 singles, 2 EP's and 4 albums between 1990 and 1994 during the height of digital releases and was one of many Meanies 7"s never pressed into analogue grooves. 
As a Meanies fan myself, I'm stoked to finally have this on vinyl with the original artwork reworked for this 7" release also with something special for added nerd points. 
TYM034 will be out exclusively on limited edition fluro yellow vinyl through Tym records.