TYM037 featuring Grinding Eyes out Oct

Grinding Eyes are a four piece psych garage band from Sydney who combine modern and vintage noise into moving soundscapes laden with fuzz and reverb with the expertise you would expect from a group of seasoned musicians like these.

This debut 7" features two tracks of stomping drums and surf guitar weaved into a late sixties psychedelic twist with ups and downs to make you really enjoy the ride.

Side one is 4 1/2 minutes of infectious nasty fuzz leaving you with feelings of early British psych watching a bad horror movie marathon.

Side two clocks in at a whopping six minutes and twenty seconds of understated to very overstated acid tinged garage to Krautrock while keeping the melodies laid on thick.

This 33 RPM 7" was mixed by Owen Penglis of the Straight Arrows and the whole ride was mastered by Jim Diamond from the Dirtbombs, who worked on the first two White Stripes albums, especially for this release.

TYM037 is out late Oct only through Tym records worldwide.