TYM030 out Jan 28

Well, it's that time again...

It's hard to believe this little Aus rock gem from Adelaide band Hydromedusa is on it's third pressing but then again, it should be.
This is a classic slab of pure Australian Rock 'n' Roll taken straight from the late 60's and put through the hard rock 70's ringer. 
11 pounding tracks of catchy overdriven dueling guitar riffs, thick fuzzy bass and thumping drums, all accompanied by that pure Aussie R'n'R shredded vocals. 
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered to tape and has a familiar feel while being unique and original enough to stand beside any classic Australian rock LP. 

The third pressing of this amazing album will be on half black/half purple vinyl with local copies available on Thursday, 28th Jan through Tym records in Brisbane, and our friends Red Eye Records in Sydney and No Patience Records in Adelaide with more good indie record shops to be announced soon. 

Part of this pressing is currently jetting it's way overseas and will be distributed in the US through Tee Pee Records in Feb giving our state-side friends who have been hounding me, access to this rockin' Aus classic.