TYM047. Turnpike. Where There is Nothing.

There were those that said it couldn't be done. There were those that said it wouldn't ... but, here it is.

The new Turnpike LP has been some time in the making. Species have evolved and the earth has travelled millions of miles but Turnpike are still the best band in Brisbane and have been this whole time and here's the psychical indisputable evidence.

Turnpike were formed in Brisbane several scenes ago and have over this time proven to be the fly in the ointment by playing sporadically, barely releasing anything and printing too few T shirts when fans of the band wanted them. 
They have always sounded like Turnpike, even when fads and trends come and go to influence less staunch musicians. Angular, harsh, distorted, intimidating at times and yet always fascinating and enthralling. Their live shows can be life affirming and changing, which until now has been the main way you would hear this band.

In September 2012 I started a label, this label, to release two Australian bands that people needed to hear. It felt like my civic duty. This month, Turnpike and The Nation Blue, the two bands that started this label are both releasing albums of essential music.
Turnpike have laboured over this release that it quintessentially Australian and was well worth the wait. This album is music for people who want to work for it with the rewards being given back ten fold. It's as long as it needs to be with as many songs as are needed to make a great album. There's no fat or excess here. It is the classic R'n'R three piece striped down to it's basic elements. 

This limited edition 12" is out on Tym records this Friday, October 28th 2016. Some of us have waited many years for this. Some of you don't know you've waited, but here it is just to show you that music is, and will always be relevant, important and essential.