No Anchor are a sludge/metal/rock band formed in 2007 as a 2 piece that exploded onto the Brisbane music scene with their formula of heavy drum 'n' bass grind.
By 2009, with the addition of a third member, another bass, the mechanism was complete, and heavier.
This core line up have released a slew of EP's, LP's, singles and appearing on compilations starting in 2008, with their first full length vinyl LP, Real Pain Supernova appearing in 2011 to an avid scene ready for the assault.
The album proved it could be done, both live and on tape and set the groundwork for their sound and live shows to follow. 
After more singles and a cassette in 2012, their forth album, the Golden Bridge was recorded, again by their newest member and studio native.
In 2014 a 10" vinyl release on Am Rep sold out instantly, like everything they previously put out and with members now in different cities, the huge wall of sound that was No Anchor took some well deserved time off. 
Now, in 2016 the forces have united again to fabricate a clamour greater the sum of it's parts in the form a new album. Recorded in Tasmania and again mixed and mastered by the band, this Tym records 7" contains the first tentative taste of the new No Anchor offering. 

This band have worked with Tym records in the past, appearing on the second club split 7" back in 2012 and also being involved in the signature Tym effects pedal, the Real Gain Supernova back in 2011. 
It's with great pleasure I bring to you, a VERY limited edition Tym records 7" single with hand made screenprinted cover especially for Record Store Day 2016 and only available IN THE SHOP on the day where No Anchor will be playing their first live show since 2013.

Limited to 100 only with beautiful handmade covers by Alex Gillies this 7" will not be for sale anywhere else except at Tym guitars on RSD2016.