It's been a while between club releases as time has just gotten away from me. The idea of the Tym records club was to put out music I loved, and hopefully you did too.
This club split 7" features a couple of outstanding Australian 2 pieces hat bring a new understanding to just how much racket 2 people can make. Both bands are friends and favourites of Tym guitars and will be launching the 7" in person at Record Store Day on April 16th.

DEAD are a Melbourne band featuring drums and bass that drive massive fuzzy riffs and pounding drums into infectious grooves and distorted vocals through your brain via your ears.

Barge With an Antenna On It are another 2 piece consisting of guitar and drums that perform mathematical feats of riff 'n' roll into heavily distorted, slightly off kilta catchy tunes.

Both bands will playing live, along with 4 other bands to celebrate this release and all things vinyl and music with very limited copies available to non club members.
Local club members can pick up copies from the 16th and we will post out copies to interstate/overseas members from the following week.