TYM046. Joel Silbersher 7" out Oct 11

Joel Silbersher has been part of the Australian music scene since the mid eighties when he wrote one of the greatest songs ever at the age of 15 with his band GOD.
After releasing this single in 1987 they went on to release two LP's but had split by 1989.
While members went onto other projects like Bored and The Powder Monkeys, Joel formed HOSS and quickly started releasing new music.
In '95 he formed Tendrils with Charlie Owen from the Beasts of Bourbon and went on release two albums in the mid to late 90's. He has also worked with Tex Perkins and The Dirty Three.

In 2002 Joel released, what I consider to be, one of the greatest Australian albums ever recorded. Greasy Lens is a collection of honest, heartfelt and wonderful tales of love, loss and life set to mostly acoustic, stripped back music with an honesty and humour that runs through all of Joel's work and mesmerizing vocals that seems somehow at odds with Joel's previous work.
I recently became obsessed with this record after leaving it in the backlogs of my musical life for years. Having not heard it for what seemed like a lifetime, I stumbled upon an article my friend Adalita had done on GOD for double J in 2014 where Gareth Liddiard (who plays on this 7" along with Mike Noga) mentions Greasy Lens and I instantly had a nostalgic need to revisit what I remembered to be a good listen.

This time around, I was floored. Age, time, I hesitate to say maturity, but whatever it was made me look at this record in a completely different light. 
Strange in and out of tune guitars, keyboards, slide guitar, distortion, fuzz, curious percussion ... noises, all surrounding these beautiful and haunting stories of pain, wonder and admiration. I was infatuated with this album.  

I texted Joel and said I wanted to do something with him ... not expecting anything so as not to be disappointed.
Joel rang and we got talking and to my wonder he was keen to do something on my label. I honestly didn't care what he wanted to give me. I just wanted to release something this man had created.
We talked about Greasy Lens and he asked what my favourite song was ? It was a genuinely hard question. 
I said how much I loved "Flappin' on a Hook" and he said he had a "rockier version" of it that had never seen the light of day. 

Joel took the tracks and mixed it, along with a Richard Thompson cover he had recorded earlier, with Roger Bergodaz and sent it to me. 
It was mastered for vinyl and sent off for the (long) process of getting it pressed into that deserving beautiful and soulful analogue material. 
Cover artwork was done by Cathy Stephens after Joel had an idea and sent some "selfies" for Cathy to illustrate from.

I hope to work with Joel more in the future but until that happens, this limited edition 7" is out October 11th exclusively through Tym records. 

Listen to Greasy Lens HERE (and then buy it)

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