TYM057 out RSD2018

I'm absolutely honoured to be working with these guys on this debut 12" LP. 

These guys play angular, abrasive yet beautiful guitar/bass/drum driven punk with hooks and riffs everywhere interjected with catchy, melodic vocals. 
This debut 12" sounds like Brisbane and yet draws influences from far away in space and time. 
This is an amazingly mature piece of work for three young people to make taking cues from DC hardcore, British post punk and Australian indie while keeping a familiar, but fresh feel.

It's an amazing LP from three young guys making great abstract pop. 

his LP was recorded at Tym studios by Donnie and then mixed and mastered by Donnie so it's really a Tym release.

e will be launching Leavings 12" out through Tym records (TYM057) on RSD and available at the instore and on the site the following day.