TYM050 Presales OUT NOW. Dreamtime. Strange Pleasures 2x12

TYM050 presales start TODAY for Dreamtime's new 2x12" LP Strange Pleasures out December. Check out Tym records, Cardinal Fuzz in the UK and Sky Lantern Records in the US. 

Hailing from Brisbane’s underground DIY scene, Dreamtime aims to create personal journeys to help draw listeners out of their frontal lobe consciousness and into sonic fantasies. Drifting off during extended meditative jams, the music plays through Dreamtime. Inspiration comes from psychedelic bands from 1968 – 1971 among other places. 

Dreamtime have released two full length albums, one EP and a single, and toured along the east coast of Australia and the United States of America. During their USA tour in April-May 2013, Dreamtime performed at the prestigious Austin Psych Fest. They have supported countless international and national bands, including Bardo Pond, Earthless, The Shrine, Eternal Elysium, Kadavar, Blues Pills, Earth, Boris, A Place to Bury Strangers, Radio Moscow, Moon Duo and Black Mountain. They also toured Australia with Japanese band, Kikagaku Moyo in 2013. The band toured Japan in September 2014, hosted by the Tokyo Psych Fest and GurruGurru Brain. 

Dreamtime's first two albums (Dreamtime S/T and SUN) was re-pressed through Brisbane label, Conquest of Noise in 2014. In 2015 Cult UK label Cardinal Fuzz and US label Captcha Records re-pressed (again!) SUN and S/T on vinyl and CD's. 

Dreamtime's latest album, STRANGE PLEASURES will be out December 2016 through Cardinal Fuzz, Sky Lantern Records and TYM records.


TYM046. Joel Silbersher 7" out Oct 11

Joel Silbersher has been part of the Australian music scene since the mid eighties when he wrote one of the greatest songs ever at the age of 15 with his band GOD.
After releasing this single in 1987 they went on to release two LP's but had split by 1989.
While members went onto other projects like Bored and The Powder Monkeys, Joel formed HOSS and quickly started releasing new music.
In '95 he formed Tendrils with Charlie Owen from the Beasts of Bourbon and went on release two albums in the mid to late 90's. He has also worked with Tex Perkins and The Dirty Three.

In 2002 Joel released, what I consider to be, one of the greatest Australian albums ever recorded. Greasy Lens is a collection of honest, heartfelt and wonderful tales of love, loss and life set to mostly acoustic, stripped back music with an honesty and humour that runs through all of Joel's work and mesmerizing vocals that seems somehow at odds with Joel's previous work.
I recently became obsessed with this record after leaving it in the backlogs of my musical life for years. Having not heard it for what seemed like a lifetime, I stumbled upon an article my friend Adalita had done on GOD for double J in 2014 where Gareth Liddiard (who plays on this 7" along with Mike Noga) mentions Greasy Lens and I instantly had a nostalgic need to revisit what I remembered to be a good listen.

This time around, I was floored. Age, time, I hesitate to say maturity, but whatever it was made me look at this record in a completely different light. 
Strange in and out of tune guitars, keyboards, slide guitar, distortion, fuzz, curious percussion ... noises, all surrounding these beautiful and haunting stories of pain, wonder and admiration. I was infatuated with this album.  

I texted Joel and said I wanted to do something with him ... not expecting anything so as not to be disappointed.
Joel rang and we got talking and to my wonder he was keen to do something on my label. I honestly didn't care what he wanted to give me. I just wanted to release something this man had created.
We talked about Greasy Lens and he asked what my favourite song was ? It was a genuinely hard question. 
I said how much I loved "Flappin' on a Hook" and he said he had a "rockier version" of it that had never seen the light of day. 

Joel took the tracks and mixed it, along with a Richard Thompson cover he had recorded earlier, with Roger Bergodaz and sent it to me. 
It was mastered for vinyl and sent off for the (long) process of getting it pressed into that deserving beautiful and soulful analogue material. 
Cover artwork was done by Cathy Stephens after Joel had an idea and sent some "selfies" for Cathy to illustrate from.

I hope to work with Joel more in the future but until that happens, this limited edition 7" is out October 11th exclusively through Tym records. 

Listen to Greasy Lens HERE (and then buy it)

Ad's special on GOD HERE


TYM048 Isaiah Mitchell/Seedy Jeezus split tour 7"

To celebrate Isaiah from Earthless touring Australia and playing a bunch of shows with Melbourne band Seedy Jeezus, Tym records is proud to announce a limited edition split 7" featuring a song from each.

Isaiah really needs no introduction around these parts as he has done several releases on Tym records both with his band Earthless and as Black Elk Medicine Band. This is Izzy in solo mode recording a special song for Tym records playing all instruments and vocals in a beautifully haunting song called Comancheria.

Seedy Jeezus are a psych rock band from Melbourne who have released a slew of 7 and 12" records over the last few years and show no signs of slowing down. They recorded a song, Warwhores especially for this release also.

This limited edition red vinyl 7" will be available on the Australian tour from September 22nd through to October 1st with a few copies available through Tym records from Oct 2nd.Grab a copy on the merch stand ant any of the shows on this tour and get the guys to sign it while you're there.

THU - Sep 22, 2016 Melbourne The Tote

FRI - Sep 23, 2016 Melbourne The Tote

SAT - Sep 24, 2016 Wagga Wagga Beer Deluxe

SUN - Sep 25, 2016 Cannberra The Phoenix

TUE - Sep 27, 2016 Brisbane Tym Guitar

WED - Sep 28, 2016 Brisbane Crowbar

THU - Sep 29, 2016 Newcastle Small Ballroom

FRI - Sep 30, 2016 Sydney Newtown Social Club

SAT - Oct 01, 2016 Geelong Barwon Club

TYM038. Earthless live at Tym guitars SOLD OUT

TYM038, Earthless live at Tym guitars is now SOLD OUT.

HUGE thanks to Earthless for doing this with me. Izzy, Maz and Egg are THE MOST lovely people and some of the most talented musicians I know.

This instore release is my personal favourite Earthless live release. I think this performance is superb and sublime. I've had many great moments in that space, but this was special. I'm so glad we got to record and release it.



The new Swervedriver / Grinding Eyes split 7" is OUT NOW on Tym records.

10 minutes of wonderful psych pop rock on this 33 rpm piece of glorious analogue technology.
Mastered for vinyl and limited edition for Swervedrivers upcoming Australian tour its available online and in the shop now or on merch stands from the 22nd.


TYM045 out June 17

To celebrate the triumphant return of the mighty SWERVEDRIVER to both Australian shores and Tym records I am very pleased to announce this limited edition tour split 33 RPM 7" out exclusively on Tym records.

Swervedriver need no introduction to the world and especially to supporters of Tym records. I was fortunate enough to release SWD's first new song in 15 years back in late 2013 (TYM014) for their Australian RAISE tour with a song that ended up, in a re-recorded version, on the new album I Wasn't Born to Loose You which is an amazing record. I have also released Adam Franklin's Bolts Of Melody (TYM025) on 12" vinyl in late 2014 so the time was right to work with these guys again.
The song on their side is Winter Depths and has been lovingly mastered for vinyl for the first time. It's six and half minutes of glorious classic psych pop with Adam's beautiful vocals over quintessential, perfect Swervedriver.
Grinding Eyes have also graced Tym records before and are playing shows with SWD on this Australian tour. They're a psych garage/rock band from Sydney who released their vinyl debut on Tym records (TYM037) back in late 2015 and are currently recording their inaugural long player due out this year.
Their contribution to this disc is a wonderful offering of psych garage in the form of At Night. Recorded by Owen from the Straight Arrows and mixed by Jim Diamond of the Dirtbombs this is four minutes of fuzz laden rock.

TYM045 will be available online from this Friday, 17th of June and then on merch stands on this Swervedriver tour from the 22nd.

June 2016 New Zealand & Australia
WEDNESDAY 15th JUNE, Singapore at Hood Bar & Cafe
SUNDAY 19th JUNE - AUCKLAND NZ at The Kings Arms
WEDNESDAY 22ND JUNE Brisbane Aus at The Triffid
THURSDAY 23RD JUNE Melbourne Aus at The Corner Hotel
FRIDAY 24TH JUNE Newcastle Aus at The Cambridge Hotel
SATURDAY 25TH JUNE Sydney Aus at The Factory Theatre
TUESDAY 28TH JUNE Perth Aus at Amplifier Bar


It's been a while between club releases as time has just gotten away from me. The idea of the Tym records club was to put out music I loved, and hopefully you did too.
This club split 7" features a couple of outstanding Australian 2 pieces hat bring a new understanding to just how much racket 2 people can make. Both bands are friends and favourites of Tym guitars and will be launching the 7" in person at Record Store Day on April 16th.

DEAD are a Melbourne band featuring drums and bass that drive massive fuzzy riffs and pounding drums into infectious grooves and distorted vocals through your brain via your ears.

Barge With an Antenna On It are another 2 piece consisting of guitar and drums that perform mathematical feats of riff 'n' roll into heavily distorted, slightly off kilta catchy tunes.

Both bands will playing live, along with 4 other bands to celebrate this release and all things vinyl and music with very limited copies available to non club members.
Local club members can pick up copies from the 16th and we will post out copies to interstate/overseas members from the following week.



No Anchor are a sludge/metal/rock band formed in 2007 as a 2 piece that exploded onto the Brisbane music scene with their formula of heavy drum 'n' bass grind.
By 2009, with the addition of a third member, another bass, the mechanism was complete, and heavier.
This core line up have released a slew of EP's, LP's, singles and appearing on compilations starting in 2008, with their first full length vinyl LP, Real Pain Supernova appearing in 2011 to an avid scene ready for the assault.
The album proved it could be done, both live and on tape and set the groundwork for their sound and live shows to follow. 
After more singles and a cassette in 2012, their forth album, the Golden Bridge was recorded, again by their newest member and studio native.
In 2014 a 10" vinyl release on Am Rep sold out instantly, like everything they previously put out and with members now in different cities, the huge wall of sound that was No Anchor took some well deserved time off. 
Now, in 2016 the forces have united again to fabricate a clamour greater the sum of it's parts in the form a new album. Recorded in Tasmania and again mixed and mastered by the band, this Tym records 7" contains the first tentative taste of the new No Anchor offering. 

This band have worked with Tym records in the past, appearing on the second club split 7" back in 2012 and also being involved in the signature Tym effects pedal, the Real Gain Supernova back in 2011. 
It's with great pleasure I bring to you, a VERY limited edition Tym records 7" single with hand made screenprinted cover especially for Record Store Day 2016 and only available IN THE SHOP on the day where No Anchor will be playing their first live show since 2013.

Limited to 100 only with beautiful handmade covers by Alex Gillies this 7" will not be for sale anywhere else except at Tym guitars on RSD2016.

TYM042 OUT RSD2016 April 16th.

I started to write a press release for this re-issue of another Hard-Ons 7" and went back to read the one I did for the Girl in the Sweater 7" re-issue I did for RSD 2 years ago and couldn't think of anything more I'd like to say, so ...

In the early eighties, three kids from Punchbowl crawled out of the primeval slime that was the Sydney alternative music scene with a single, honed and honourable goal. To play Rock 'n' Roll the way they wanted it to be.
Entering into a scene that was older and more experienced than three high school friends armed with second hand instruments and heads full of classic pop, metal and punk they wrote their own book on how to do it, and they've never looked back or cared what anyone else was doing.
There are bands in this world who get overlooked because "serious" music fans think they're a "joke" because of their demeanor and image (and name) but in fact are better than everything else around them. They exist in scenes of seemingly endless "more viable" music when in fact they're the epicentre of everything pure and genuine. If there was one Australian band who personifies this, it's the Hard-Ons.

After recording Girl in the Sweater, these three guys went back into the studio in early 1987 and recorded another 2 1/2 minute pure pop gem about a girl. 
Based on a catchy as hell guitar riff that drives the song it's about Blackies obsession with a girl who, like the girl in the sweater, is another unrequited love.
The side B was their attempt at, what was then, a new hardcore style of catchy, fast and thumping attack and lasted less than 1 1/2 minutes. 
This Tym records re-issue has a third song added, making this an EP I guess.
Another stupidly fast hardcore song written around the same time and only ever available on a giveaway compilation album from 1987. 

Tym records is VERY proud to announce that for Record Store Day 2016, I am re-issuing, for the first time ever the classic Hard-Ons 7" All Set To Go remastered for vinyl on limited edition, hand numbered, black vinyl with original full colour front artwork with a new back cover and liner insert with new notes by Ray, Blackie and Keish, AND the three stickers originally available with the first 250 copies of the 7" back in '87.


TYM041 out RSD2016. April 16th.

Power pop and garage were two sixties genres that formed the basis for punk in the seventies and beyond. Power pop took the British invasion and added an urgency that predated punk but was very influential in forming a lot of the catchier side of the seventies.
Garage was just that. It sounded like it came from there. Dirty, nasty and fuzzy. Lots of my favourite bands fall into one, or both of these genres.
I'm stoked to announce that Tym records is releasing a limited edition split 7" which falls squarely into these genres and wears them proudly on their sleeves. 
The Phantom Ships are a 4 piece garage band from Portland, OR, featuring Steve Turner from Mudhoney along with three of his friends playing punk infused garage rock like the seasoned professionals they are. 
The Tripwires are a 4 piece power pop/rock band from Seattle and features Steve's Mudhoney bandmate Dan Peters on drums with three of his friends showing the world how great this genre still is when it's done right. 
Tym records is very proud to announce the first vinyl offering from these two bands, together on one limited edition double A side 7" with two different covers (one for each band) to be released especially for RSD2016 and available only through Tym records worldwide.