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Record Club Membership. The Tym record club is an upfront payment which guarantees you the ten RECORD CLUB releases for that club, no matter where you are in the world. Limited to 100 members worldwide. 

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Tym Releases


TYM001 : The Nation Blue/Turnpike Record club 7" SOLD OUT
The Nation Blue - Conversations. The Nation Blue are three men in limbo, languishing at the sub-apex where the anger has faded and the body’s capabilities are severely diminished. Occupying the void between the 1990’s primordial backwater into which the band was aborted and the post-nihilism of the current day, they are too slow, too loud and too ugly to be relevant. Scene-less and devoid of aspiration these days, The Nation Blue have lain dormant but were awoken at the beckon call of Tim Brennan. “Conversations” is the first new song since 2009. Tom Lyngcoln.
Turnpike - Even Predators are Eventually Prey. Turnpike are three men on a mission, excelling at the pinnacle where extreme mental focus embraces physical excellence.... Adam King.


TYM002 : Blacklevel Embassy/No Anchor Record club 7" SOLD OUT
Blacklevel Embassy - Metronomic HeadIn Feb 2012 Blacklevel Embassy recorded eleven songs at Megaphon Studios in Sydney with Jonboyrock. Ten of them make up the bands third album 'New Veteran'. The eleventh song, 'Metronomic Head' is now happily at home on a split 7" with No Anchor on Tym Records. Perfect. Brett ORiley
No Anchor - We Almost Died. Recently No Anchor hammered the last handful of nails into the coffin of their next full-length album. Just as Ian, Alex and Donovan started to get on each other’s nerves from the weeks together in enclosed spaces – so entered the opportunity to contribute to a Tym records 7inch. ‘We Almost Died’ is but one of the many opaque memories pulled from the recesses of Ian grey matter – written, recorded and wrapped up in the last three weeks before the band members took time out at different ends of the earth. This is No Anchor fortune telling their future to you. This is No Anchor in the future, a place they go often but have finally for the first time, been considerate enough to send you back a postcard!. Alex Gillies.


TYM003 : The Hymies/Undead Apes Record club 7" SOLD OUT
The Hymies  - Kipper Melting Man/Shes got a gun. These Hymies tracks were recorded with a bunch of others somewhere between 2000 and 2002 by a bloke called Dave at Flyshakker Studios, and mastered by Ash Headmiles. A band who has only ever attested to having fun, we always played for our own humour first, then others. Brisbane was the city to be in, power drunk was the state to be in, and watching horror movies with a vindaloo the next day was the the way it was done. This blurb is very short, like our songs and sets. Go fast and worry about the steering later. TurboNicko
Undead Apes  - Funeral Home. The process of putting this song on to vinyl has been particularly pleasing for me. As not only did I get to hang out with the other apes for a weekend, it was recorded, mixed, mastered and ultimately released by people I have long looked up to and am now fortunate enough to call my friends. Donnie is a rad dude, plays bass in one of the most original and heavy bands in town NO ANCHOR, plus looks like a wealthy Mexican. Innez manages to be a master of fuzz pedals without actually owning any and along with Cameron plays in my current favourite band TINY SPIDERS. Plus we had a chance to use the brilliant howls of Lisa who can be found grunting and squawking out the front of PASTEL BLAZE. Tym writes amusing rants about shipping costs and how batteries will ultimately destroy the world, plus is mates with J Mascis. John/Undead Apes


TYM004 : Earthless 7". Limited edition coloured vinyl.  SOLD OUT
Available on pre order in 100 blue vinyl along with 200 red available from December 7th at Meredith festival and at all the shows on their December tour of Australia. There will also be a very limited number of purple copies available from our good friends at  Outer Battery records as USA import only. Cover artwork by Mike Eginton.


TYM005 : Adam Harding/Regurgitator record club 7" SOLD OUT
Adam Harding  - Goodbye Charlie. 
Goodbye Charlie is one of four songs Murph and I recorded one night in 2010 at Ear Knife (a rehearsal/recording space I shared with Lou Barlow in a shitty part of LA). It was a full moon and Murph was in particularly fine form. My friend Bobb Bruno from Best Coast played bass, which we recorded later at Bobb's house. Bobb was pretty stoked to be playing bass again since he had been playing only guitar for a while. I recorded most of the vocals in a big empty warehouse, alone in the dark with my field recorder. Adam Harding.
Regurgitator  - Evil Eye. It was the late 90s and Quan and I were in the states on a plane from Austin Texas heading to New Orleans for a gig. We settled into the flight and a Haitian stewardess came up the isle with the food cart. She had dreaded crazy hair and large bug out eyes I said to Quan wow man check out that ladies eyes... She approached our seats and asked "would you boys like some orange juice" in a thick southern drawl. Quan replied. 'what happened to your eyes?' She said, 'wha you mean wha wrong wit ma eyes? Ma grandmama did voodoo, mama did and I'll do voodoo on you!'. I said, your cursed buddy. And so became the song evil eye. Ben Ely.


TYM006 : The Arcolas/Brat Farrar Record club 7" SOLD OUT
Arcolas  : Piss in the Valley. Piss in the valley was penned after telling stories and laughing about drunken youngsters in Fortitude Valley. Recorded at Tym Guitars with the talented Geordie Stafford in a short and frantic recording session. Enjoy. Paul "Chip" Arcola.
Brat Farrar  : Lets go out again Tonight. It was hot, really really hot. I was locked away in a make shift vocal booth that was once a cupboard for someones finest garments. In the European summer of 2012 I found myself living in the picturesque Croatian fishing village Stinjan where I built a small studio using whatever bits and pieces that I could find. The best part about it besides the vocal booth was the plastic outdoor table with three legs that I propped against a wall and put my recording equipment on. I don't really remember how I started writing "Let's Go Out Again" and why I wrote a song about graffiti artists. I don't remember seeing any graffiti in Stinjan or any walls to put it on. It was just crazy hot everyday and not much to do at night. Brat.


TYM007 : Black Elk Medicine Band/Cam Butler Record club 7" SOLD OUT
Black Elk Medicine Band.
Drop the Sonar Dome (and have a look around) pt2. This band is called Black Elk's Medicine Band because I want to help bring consciousness to the struggles if the indigenous people of North America. Ive always had an affinity and a closeness to Native American culture and spirituality. This matter is close to my heart. Native Americans have suffered quite unfairly due to the constant influx of settlers and the impact is felt more than ever today with funding for the needy the lowest for Native American Reservations. Black Elk hoped to keep his people unified during his lifetime but the white man did everything he could to weaken the spirits of the Native People's, or Human Beings. I started this band in hopes to help open some people's eyes and help the ancestors of those who were here before the whites came. Starting slow, but Tim, you are helping by getting this out into the world. That's all I want out of this. Thank you so much. Isaiah Mitchell.
Cam Butler. Desolation is track 4 from my latest album, Save My Soul. I received a small recording grant from the Victorian Government which enable me to record a 23 piece string orchestra which formed the basis of the whole album. Save My Soul has taken me a few years to complete. The strings were recorded at the end of 2009 but the album finally came out in early 2012. Being a self released album and also working on a few other projects made things turn out this way. The string orchestra was recorded at the Iwaki Auditorium at the ABC Centre, Southbank, Melbourne, and was conducted by Benjamin Northey. I then added percussion (bass drum, timpani, cymbals etc), harp and guitars (acoustic & electric) in a couple of overdub sessions at Soundpark Studios in Northcote. This is a modern sound, a combination of the lush beauty and drama of a large string section with dark, "underground", expressionistic electric guitar. This is an approach that I have been refining for a number of years now across 5 other solo albums. Cam Butler, Melbourne, Feb. 2013


TYM008 : Midnight Woolf/Treatment Record club 7" SOLD OUT
Midnight Woolf. The basic blues riff that is the theme for this song seems to have been ringing around my head for years, its probably ripped off of something...every once in a while when I picked up the guitar it would come...eventually I figured I could put it to a twelve bar blues progression and the song came together. One day I was playing guitar behind the desk at the rehearsal studio I work at and the lyrics started to tumble out...something about big girls, and eating...not the scrawny model types, but real women, with curves, dunno....oh yeah and my love for cheese....we recorded it live in the rehearsal studio to 8-track cassette, mixed on pro-tools. Hope you enjoy it
Treatment. A psychedelic jamboree, with a revolving line up of garage punk rock hooligans, making rock and roll noise with just their bare hands and ancient technology. Their latest recording, Hideout! is a low-slung psych rocker that explodes into a swinging fuzz face chorus with all of their musical guns blazing in unison, driving you head first into a their neo psychedelic squalled treatment breakdown . This track was record was recorded to 8 track tape at the legendary Hanging Tree in Sydney. Mixed by the band in a secret location with only a “Boy Howdy” beer-can as a musical reference point. YOU NEED - TREATMENT!


TYM009 : The Shrine 7". Limited edition coloured vinyl. SOLD OUT
The Shrine are riff lords from California who aren't afraid to show their love of seventies rock and eighties punk while packing it tightly in a cone of pool shredding, acid dropping and Marshall stacks. Infectious fuzzy riffs laden with long unwashed hair and crappy vans with Thin Lizzy blasting from the stereo. Rock, metal and punk really hasn't been this much fun since, well, ever. If the idea of 3 filthy rock dudes heading down the freeway with too much weed and a bunch of mixed tapes of everything heavy and cool ever recorded on their way to finding the perfect abandoned pool to skate in appeals to you, then grab this wax to give you the soundtrack. Released for Record Store day 2013.


TYM010 : Mudhoney / Treatment European tour 7". Limited edition out now on clear or red vinyl. SOLD OUT
MUDHONEY: They do as they please, which is best exemplified by this cracking rendition of "Did He Die" . Recorded in their Seattle dungeon. This is the sound of MUDHONEY doing The Seeds. With their high raw energy, cranked up loud without a care in the world- giving new life and feel to this  garage classic, pushing this tune to its fuzz limit.
TREATMENT: Offer you a psychotic stripped back version of the legendary “Driving Me Insane” by The Missing Links. Recorded in an inner city tenement on ancient analogue gear, TREATMENT pummel this classic tune into a new shape burying it deep within squalls of guitar and and evil middle-finger-fuzztone organ. It’s a cry of pain coming from a hot rod engine trapped in a garage full of evil thoughts. Approach with caution.


TYM011 : Iowa/Sounds Like Sunset. Record Club split 7" SOLD OUT
Iowa : Always The Devil’ was actually the backup song we had recorded for Tym Records. The main song didn’t turn out the way we had hoped and we ended up liking this song more. It was recorded by Anthony Cornish in his home studio ‘Horizon Sound’ who had also mixed & mastered our album ‘Never Saw It Coming’ of last year.  ‘Always The Devil’ was all recorded pretty much live and turned out a lot messier and less polished than our previous recordings which is what we were kinda going for.
Sounds Like Sunset : This song has had a lot of different demo incarnations since the original stoner-rock sounding drum machine demo. I guess that version is probably still in our heads even when we play it together at shows now - it always felt good to play, and it was usually a heavy noise-fest. When it came time to record it though (at Alberts Studios in Sydney with Wayne Connolly), more & more little pretty melody bits kept peeping out here and there, so we cut it back a bit and let that stuff have some space too. What ended up on the record is more of an abandoned, running-out-of-money kind of mix than a completed one - but the song is probably better off for it!  


TYM012 : Brett Netson/Kellie Lloyd. Record Club split 7" SOLD OUT
Brett Netson & Snakes : Play On. Known for heavy, hypnotic, slow and melodic music. Brett's former band is Caustic Resin. Guitarist of 35 years and currently member of Built to Spill, Brett Netson plays intimate and personal high desert psychedelic heavy guitar blues. Or you could describe it as making "fucked up rock records" Either description is only a generalization however. There's some other things going on as well. "Ian Waters has been the live sound mixer for Built to Spill for the last two decades. He's an over all capable dude. Here he is shredding shit on the bass guitar. Steve Gere and Ian Waters are those kinds of guys who can play most instruments well and a couple real well. Steve is and incredible drummer as evidenced on this song. I'm grateful to have these guys playing on this record." Recorded By :Brett Netson with Steve Gere Dec. 22nd @ Rocket Science Studio Garden City. All overdubs and mixing at Tryptardd (Brett's Basement) Boise Idaho. Recorded on 1/2" 8 track and mixed to 1/4" reel.  
Kellie Lloyd : To me, Paradigms is a real 90's kind of song. I wrote it in 2011 not long after i'd finished recording the Magnetic North album. I had gone back to a lot of music i had listened to back then and i had rediscovered and was subsequently thrashing Eleven Eleven by Come. So i think i can say it was inspired by Thalia Zedek, but not sure anyone else would ever pick it. The song was recorded and mixed at Gas Works studio by Tristan Hoogland in 2012, (thank you QUT and Unconvention Brisbane for hooking that session up).  Branko Cosic plays drums, I play guitars, bass and sing. Cam Smith mastered it.  I hope you like it. Kellie x

HLsm .jpg

TYM013 : Hot Lunch 7" SOLD OUT
Hot Lunch are good time rockin' skate band from San Francisco that meld sixties psych with seventies rock and punk into one brilliant little package that is so infectious it sounds like your best friends band, only better. They feel like a bunch of sixties Detroit punks moved to London in the late sixties to show the poms how to rock, and skate, and rock. They went into the studio to record a couple of songs especially for Tym records. An original, and one to show they KNOW where I am. Limited edition blue vinyl available only through Tym records. 


TYM014 : Swervedriver 7" SOLD OUT
Tym's Records is proud to present the first vinyl offering of new material from Swervedriver for 15 years. A limited edition seven inch single, 'Deep Wound' is a classic three minute slice of driving Swerve-rock featuring backing vocals from Ride's Mark Gardener. 'Dub Wound' on the b-side is the same song played with the reels reversed and remixed with a motorik beat to create a spacey, dubby 'krautrock' version. The seven inch will be available for purchase from the band's merch stall on their upcoming Australian tour where they will be performing 1991 debut album Raise in its entirety and also as pre-release from Tym records from August 21st in ULTRA limited edition purple vinyl ONLY available on presale (SOLD OUT). There are now limited edition RED and YELLOW vinyl versions on merch stands on the tour. All will be available exclusively through Tym records from September 26th until sold out. RED and YELLOW limited edition 7" SOLD OUT. Liscenced repress on US import through OUTER BATTERY RECORDS on ltd ed green vinyl (SOLD OUT).


TYM015 : Dollar Bar/Tiny Spiders. Record Club split 7" OUT NOW
Dollar Bar : It was 2003 and Dollar Bar had been on a deep Aussie bender. We'd just played an Australia Day boat cruise with Giants Of Science and The Anyones where we dished out an entire set of Aussie covers. Learning songs by Divinyls, INXS, AC/DC, Men At Work, and especially Mental As Anything and Australian Crawl, made me want to write a really Aussie song. Using the title "Legside" seemed like a good starting point. (A cricket reference! Why not?) It was also the stopping point as far as typical Australian-ness went. From there I delved into the usual non sequiturs and a some references to that feeling when you leave the cinema in the afternoon, expecting dark out side, but instead finding the harsh Brisbane sunlight. Dollar Bar re-arranged the song (for the better) and the final touch was introducing a lead vocal interchange between myself and Chris. I still really get a kick out of "Legside" and I hope you do too. Patrick.
Tiny Spiders : Tiny Spiders = drums + guitar = noise + pop. We recorded this song on cassette four track and then dumped it onto the computer to mix it. We get called lo-fi a lot but this is probably the first recording we've done that kind of deserves that label. Theme-wise it's somewhat socially minded, although in our usual fragmented, abstract way. The fewer lyrics to remember the better. A different version of the song will probably be on an album next year.

The Gaze.jpg

TYM016 : Lecherous Gaze 7" SOLD OUT
Lecherous Gaze are a bunch of sleazy punks from Oakland, Ca who play punk rock the real way. Equal parts seventies rock and eighties punk, they lay slabs of riffin' good time music that you can skate to. Born from the ashes of Annihilation Time and rolling that wrecking ball of rock forever onwards. These two songs were recorded exclusively for Tym records for their first ever Australian tour. 


Heavy BlanketS.png

TYM017 : Heavy Blanket 12" SOLD OUT
Back in March 2013 while Dinosaur Jr were on tour in Australia, J stopped by the shop to play an intimate and very loud instore as his alter ego Heavy Blanket. Bringing heavy psych, guitar solos and noise, lots of noise together in an amalgam of pure music it was the first time anywhere that Heavy Blanket had performed live. He enlisted the help of two friends, Graham Clise (Lecherous Gaze/Annihilation Time) to fill in on bass and Mikey Richards (Violent Soho) on drums as his original band had disbanded after recording their one and only full length album to date. Limited edition of 400 only worldwide. 200 purple and 200 blood red. Available through Outer Battery records on US import.


TYM018 : Dirty Fences/The Shrine split 7". SOLD OUT
Dirty Fences are a rock 'n' roll band from Brooklyn, New York who play dirty, amphetamine driven skate rock crossed with classic NY punk. They've released an EP and an album through Volcom that will blow your Converses clean off. These guys make a sound like a New York subway train hurtling towards a bunch of stoner skaters with a little bit of ol' school soul somewhere buried in the mix. They've been long time friends and touring mates of the Shrine, who need no introduction here. They have released exclusive songs on Tym records before. So, finally, they're together on the same piece of wax with two new exclusive songs recorded especially for us. 


TYM019 : Dumb Numbers/Golden Bats. Record Club split 7". SOLD OUT
Dumb Numbers : The Longest Goodbye was originally intended for release on an album called Unhappy Endings which was never completed. My friend Dean Turner was producing the album and he really encouraged me to push into some areas I was exploring away from the guitar, building songs around piano, strings and field recordings. We tracked a version of this song at Head Gap in 2007 with Adam from Magic Dirt on drums, but the final recording here features the drumming talents of the one-and-only Mr. Dale Crover, recorded by Toshi Kasai in downtown Los Angeles, 2012.
Golden Bats : "We are Golden Bats. This next one's called Ugly Night. Lyrically, it's about searching through a mass grave for the remains of a loved one. Musically, it's about four minutes long."


TYM020 : The Hard-Ons 7". SOLD OUT
Tym records is VERY (VERY) proud to announce that for Record Store Day 2014, I am re-issuing, for the first time ever the classic Hard-Ons 7" Girl in the Sweater / I Heard Her Call My Name remastered for vinyl on limited edition, hand numbered, coloured vinyl with, for the first time, original full colour artwork by Ray Ahn (not done by Waterfront at the time because of costs of full colour printing) and liner notes insert. This limited edition reissue also comes in a brown paper bag as it was originally sold in Queensland because of local laws deeming the release to be "obscene".


TYM022 : Sweet Apple 7". SOLD OUT
This is the second single from the new album out April, 8th through Tee Pee records called The Golden Age of Glitter. This song is Reunion with an Australian cover on the flip which seems to be becoming a "thing" for US bands on Tym records. Tym records is proud to be releasing this worldwide for Record Store Day 2014.


TYM023 : Sounds Like Sunset. We Could Leave Tonight 12".  SOLD OUT
Tym records is so proud to release the first new SLS album in nearly 10 years on limited edition multi colour (and 180 gram black for the audiophiles) vinyl with only 80 copies of each available ONLY through Tym records worldwide. 9 new songs of perfect noisy guitar pop brilliance all wrapped up in great lush production by Sounds Like Sunset and Wayne Connolly. It's only 34 minutes and 10 seconds long but there's not a bad note on it.

TYM024 : Jason Simon/Peter Black Record Club 7". OUT NOW
Peter Black is better known around these parts as Blackie, the guitarist, singer and one of three of the nicest people in the Hard-Ons. When he's not playing heavy, primeval punk rock, he's playing heavy, primeval sludge psych in Nunchukka Superfly, and when he's not playing that, he's playing acoustic, melodic driven folk on his own. 
Jason Simon is the guitarist, singer, songwriter for US psych/stoner band Dead Meadow. With that project he unleashes an amazing array of noise, feedback, volume and melody as the three piece grinds the sprawling psych landscapes. As Jason Simon he writes and plays beautiful, acoustic folk and blues as an amazing counterpoint to the beautiful squall. His self titled solo album from 2011 is one of my favorite "stripped back" albums ever. 

TYM025 : Adam Franklin. Bolts of Melody 12". OUT NOW
Adam Franklin is a name known to many as the singer/songwriter/guitarist in Swervedriver, who, through their tenure in the 90's bought you timeless and classic tunes like Son of Mustang Ford, Last Train to Satansville, Duel, Rave Down, Never Loose that Feeling, the Birds ........the list goes on and on. 
This album came out at the height of digital releases. Vinyl was archaic and out of date so it was never mastered or pressed onto that beautiful black (or in this case coloured) substance that so richly reproduces sound with all it's nuances and depth, so, here it is for the first time in it's full, analogue glory. With new liner notes from Adam and a slightly rearranged track listing, the new version of Adam Franklin, Bolts of Melody is available exclusively worldwide for the first time on 12" vinyl only through Tym records.   

TYM026 : Ed Kuepper 7". SOLD OUT
Ed has moved through many innovative musical landscapes from the Saints, to the Laughing Clowns to 30 years of solo recording and performing and still, to this day proves he can be original and inventive with his art. It's truly an honour and privilege to announce that I am is releasing a limited edition coloured vinyl 7" with two new songs recorded exclusively and available only through Tym records worldwide. 

TYM027 : Never 7". OUT NOW
The Meanies are a pop punk band from Melbourne who through the nineties came to epitomize the catchy side of hardcore and pop punk in Australia. In their heyday of releases between 1990 and 1995 they released song after song after song of ridiculously melodic fast punk. Their live shows are crazy. Their songs are crazy good. For the Meanies 25th anniversary, Tym records is proud to offer to you, remastered on limited edition wax, the re-issue of the Meanies  Never / Steve Sex God / Sorry 'Bout The Violence 7" on glorious coloured vinyl with the original artwork and insert and something special, as if it needed it. YELLOW VINYL PURPLE VINYL

TYM028 : Freak Wave/Seaplane Record club 7". OUT NOW  
Freak Wave are four old friends being nostalgic while moving forward from Melbourne who wear their 90's US indie sound proudly on their sleeves while taking discordant pop and punk and giving it just the right amount of weight and Australian feel to make it sound like it couldn't come from anywhere else but the great southern land. 4 old friends being nostalgic while moving forward. 
Seaplane are another one of Brisbane's most underrated bands you've probably never heard of. This three piece writes everything from perfect pop to slightly disconcerting noise while keeping it engaging, entertaining and a pure pleasure to listen to. Mixing slightly off kilter "lo-fi" and slacker pop with noise and shoegaze with hooks this good makes their albums, and live shows a genuine treat. 

TYM029 : Brett Netson and Snakes. Scavenger Cult 12". OUT NOW
I am VERY happy to announce the next release from Tym records is the new 12" EP officially out March 2015 in the US featuring the immensely talented Brett Netson with his new project Brett Netson and Snakes. Brett Netson is probably better known as the guitarist from Built to Spill, Caustic Resin and collaborative guitarist on the latest Earth record, Primitive and Deadly and has been guitarist in Mark Lanegan's touring band. He has just recorded a new EP as Brett Netson and Snakes called Scavenger Cult. Recorded on 2” 16-track tape with Jason Ringelstetter at Tonic Room in Boise, Idaho, mixed to 1/2″ tape by Steve Lobdell at Audible Alchemy in Portland, Oregon with analog mastering at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, New York. 

TYM030 : Hydromedusa. ST 12". 3rd pressing OUT NOW
Tym records is proud to announce the release of this bands first long player recorded live straight to tape and pressed into glorious black vinyl for your listening pleasure. Eleven thick blocks of heavy 70's Aus rock melded perfectly with just enough punk to make it obstinate and bring it kicking and screaming into the modern stoner world. Out May 2015 exclusively through Tym records worldwide. 2nd pressing SOLD OUT

TYM031 : Golden Bats 7". OUT NOW
Golden Bats and Tym records have teamed up for RSD 2015 to release their first ever piece of vinyl. 2 new and exclusive songs written, recorded and mixed by lead man Geordie and mastered at Enormous Door Mastering in the US especially for this limited edition coloured vinyl release. I've been wanting to do something more substantial with them since first hearing them. On paper, they may not be what I would normally listen to, but to my ears there's something very appealing, very engaging, even alluring to what's going on sonically.

TYM032 : Nate Hall. Heat and Sway/The Traveling Sun 7". OUT NOW
Nate Hall and Tym records have amalgamated over their mutual love and respect to bring you a very special RSD2015 release. Two songs taken from Fear of Falling, remixed and remastered for vinyl and pressed into a very special, limited edition 33RPM 7" with hand drawn artwork by Dase Beard and liner notes insert by Nate. Two amazing slabs of psychedelic folk rock played with as much distortion and conviction as any human could muster. 

TYM033 : Steve Turner. And Four of his Bad Ideas 7" EP. OUT NOW
Tym records and Steve Turner (Mudhoney) have got together to offer you this 4 track 7" presenting two sides of Steve's personality and love of music. This little Tym records 4 track 7" EP, Steve Turner And Four Of His Bad Ideas has 2 garage songs on side A and 2 country/folk songs on side B and is available on limited edition brown vinyl in June.

TYM034 : The Meanies. Cruelty's Fun 7". OUT NOW
The Meanies are no strangers to Tym records after my re-issue of the classic Never 7" last year. So when the guys asked if I wanted to do another classic Meanies re-issue it seemed only fitting that a vinyl only label should do something that had never been on vinyl originally. Cruely's Fun is a 4 song single originally only released on CD by the Meanies in 1993 so these songs have been remastered especially for this limited edition release. TYM034 will be out exclusively on limited edition fluro yellow vinyl through Tym records worldwide in June.

TYM035 : BUDD. Yakfat 12". SOLD OUT
Back in the late eighties a musical movement was forming in the north west of the US that was eventually going to kick the world into believing again. In Brisbane one of those bands was BUDD. Taking their love of this idea and adding that unique Brisbane attitude they started playing in the early 90's and were the first band "on the scene" to wholeheartedly embrace this ethos. In Feb '93  after releasing a cassette called FUZZGUTZN by themselves and then a single, and a double 10" through Ecstatic Peace! records in the US, they released the cornerstone of this Australian movement. Only available on CD at the time this EP features 6 heavy sludge garage rock songs worthy of any band in the world involved in this genre.

TYM036 : The Hymies. ST 7" EP. OUT NOW
In celebration of all that is the Hymies, Tym records is releasing a 7" EP of classic Brisbane power drunk to remind music lovers everywhere just how great this band could be when firing on all cylinders.
Clocking in at just over 5 minutes these 3 songs became staples of Hymies live sets and were recorded by Bryce Moorehead at Zero Interference in a blitzkrieg session that introduced the world to the genius of the Hymies and Bryce to punk induced migraines.

TYM037 : Grinding Eyes. 33rpm 7". OUT NOW
This debut 7" features two tracks of stomping drums and surf guitar weaved into a late sixties psychedelic twist with ups and downs to make you really enjoy the ride.
Side one is 4 1/2 minutes of infectious nasty fuzz leaving you with feelings of early British psych watching a bad horror movie marathon.
Side two clocks in at a whopping six minutes and twenty seconds of understated to very overstated acid tinged garage to Krautrock while keeping the melodies laid on thick.
This 33 RPM 7" was mixed by Owen Penglis of the Straight Arrows and the whole ride was mastered by Jim Diamond from the The Dirtbombs, who worked on the first two White Stripes albums, especially for this release.

TYM038 : Earthless. Live at Tym guitars 12". OUT NOW
In 2012 Earthless toured Australia for the second time and played an intimate and very loud instore at Tym guitars. Instores are always different to club shows and I made a real point of setting a mood and making sure the band felt at ease. It was being recorded and like the Heavy Blanket release on Tym records last year, the intention was always for it to see the light of day on pure vinyl.
eaturing 3 songs spanning nearly 45 minutes this performance is spectacular. The first song, Uluru Jam is the inception of this song that eventually made it's way onto their amazing release From The Ages. Named after a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of Australia, where the song was first jammed. The other two songs, Violence of the Red Sea and Sonic Prayer appear on Earthless albums but like all live Earthless recordings, these versions are unique in structure and tone.

TYM039 : Annihilation Time. Annihilation Time II 12". OUT NOW
Annihilation Time were formed in 2001 and melded seventies rock with eighties hardcore and made a power punk force to be reckoned with. Constant touring with bands like Municipal Waste and Caustic Christ gave them a hard edge and honed their craft into a pummelling rock force.
Their second album, Annihilation Time II was recorded at Motorwolf Studios in Holland while on tour in 2004 and brings together all their influences on one glorious piece of vinyl. Generally accepted as an American classic it was originally released on CD through Manic Ride Records, re-released on vinyl on Six Weeks Records in 2005 and then re-released again on the bands own Annihilate Records in 2006. The band broke up in 2009 but with demand (and prices) growing for another vinyl version, in 2011 Tank Crimes pressed it and sold it out again.
It's now 2015 and people still want this slab of heavy, dirty Californian punk rock to prove to the world that real music still matters.

TYM040 : FOREVR. Shoegazer 7". OUT NOW
FOREVR are a Brisbane band combining their love of real shoegaze with electronics to produce lush, loud, beautiful noise larger than the sum of it's parts. This 2 piece brings together massive driving guitar tones and ethereal vocals and heavy synthesizer, along with programmed drums to make an amazing soundscape reminiscent of their favourite bands revolving around Creation records in the 80's and the bands that inspired them.
This 7" is the first glimpse of where their electronic ambitions are leading them, and the first taste of their self-produced debut album due mid-2016. Available on Dec 15th on limited edition (200 copies only) black vinyl in a beautiful full colour sleeve with insert this 7" looks as lush as it sounds. 

TYM041 : The Phantom Ships/The Tripwires. Split double A side 7". OUT NOW
The Phantom Ships are a 4 piece garage band from Portland, OR, featuring Steve Turner from Mudhoney along with three of his friends playing punk infused garage rock like the seasoned professionals they are.
The Tripwires are a 4 piece power pop/rock band from Seattle and features Steve's Mudhoney bandmate Dan Peters on drums with three of his friends showing the world how great this genre still is when it's done right. 
Tym records is very proud to announce the first vinyl offering from these two bands, together on one limited edition double A side 7" with two different covers (one for each band) to be released especially for RSD2016


TYM042 : The Hard-Ons. All Set To Go 7". SOLD OUT
After recording Girl in the Sweater, these three guys went back into the studio in early 1987 and recorded another 2 1/2 minute pure pop gem about a girl. Based on a catchy as hell guitar riff that drives the song it's about Blackies obsession with a girl who, like the girl in the sweater, is another unrequited love.
The side B was their attempt at, what was then, a new hardcore style of catchy, fast and thumping attack and lasted less than 1 1/2 minutes. 
This Tym records re-issue has a third song added, making this an EP I guess.
Another stupidly fast hardcore song written around the same time and only ever available on a giveaway compilation album from 1987.

TYM043 : No Anchor LTD ED 7". SOLD OUT
It's with great pleasure I bring to you, a VERY limited edition Tym records 7" single with hand made screenprinted cover especially for Record Store Day 2016 and only available IN THE SHOP on the day where No Anchor will be playing their first live show since 2013.
Limited to 100 only with beautiful handmade covers by Alex Gillies this 7" will not be for sale anywhere else except at Tym guitars on RSD2016.

TYM044 : Dead/Barge With An Antenna on It Record club 7". OUT NOW
DEAD are a Melbourne band featuring drums and bass that drive massive fuzzy riffs and pounding drums into infectious grooves and distorted vocals through your brain via your ears.
Barge With an Antenna On It are another 2 piece consisting of guitar and drums that perform mathematical feats of riff 'n' roll into heavily distorted, slightly off kilta catchy tunes.


TYM045 : Swervedriver/Grinding Eyes split 33 RPM 7" . OUT NOW
To celebrate the triumphant return of the mighty SWERVEDRIVER to both Australian shores and Tym records I am very pleased to announce this limited edition tour split 33 RPM 7" out exclusively on Tym records.
The Swervedriver song is Winter Depths and has been lovingly mastered for vinyl for the first time. It's six and half minutes of glorious classic psych pop with Adam's beautiful vocals over quintessential, perfect Swervedriver.
Grinding Eyes have also graced Tym records before and are playing shows with SWD on this Australian tour. Their contribution to this disc is a wonderful offering of psych garage in the form of At Night. Recorded by Owen from the Straight Arrows and mixed by Jim Diamond of the Dirtbombs this is four minutes of fuzz laden rock.

TYM046 : Joel Silbersher 7" OUT NOW
Joel Silbersher has been part of the Australian music scene since the mid eighties when he wrote one of the greatest songs ever at the age of 15 with his band GOD.
In 2002 Joel released, what I consider to be, one of the greatest Australian albums ever recorded. Greasy Lens is a collection of honest, heartfelt and wonderful tales of love, loss and life set to mostly acoustic, stripped back music with an honesty and humour that runs through all of Joel's work and mesmerizing vocals that seems somehow at odds with Joel's previous work.
This limited edition release features a version of Flappin' on a Hook from this amazing album, featuring Gareth Liddiard and Mike Noga and a cover on the flipside.

TYM047 : Turnpike. Where There is Nothing. OUT NOW
Turnpike were formed in Brisbane several scenes ago and have over this time proven to be the fly in the ointment by playing sporadically, barely releasing anything and printing too few T shirts when fans of the band wanted them. 
Turnpike have laboured over this release that it quintessentially Australian and was well worth the wait. This album is music for people who want to work for it with the rewards being given back ten fold. It's as long as it needs to be with as many songs as are needed to make a great album. There's no fat or excess here. It is the classic R'n'R three piece striped down to it's basic elements. 

TYM048 : Isaiah Mitchell/Seedy Jeezus split tour 7" OUT NOW
To celebrate Isaiah from Earthless touring Australia and playing a bunch of shows with Melbourne band Seedy Jeezus, Tym records is proud to announce a limited edition split 7" featuring a song from each. 

Isaiah really needs no introduction around these parts as he has done several releases on Tym records both with his band Earthless and as Black Elk Medicine Band. This is Izzy in solo mode recording a special song for Tym records playing all instruments and vocals in a beautifully haunting song called Comancheria.

Seedy Jeezus are a psych rock band from Melbourne who have released a slew of 7 and 12" records over the last few years and show no signs of slowing down. They recorded a song, Warwhores especially for this release also.
This limited edition red vinyl 7" will be available on the Australian tour from September 22nd through to October 1st with a few copies available through Tym records from Oct 2nd.

TYM049 : Zeahorse. Torana Dreamin' 12" OUT NOW
10 songs that could only come from Australia about blokes, chocky milks, BBQ chickens and of course, Toranas.
Kicking off with a metallic thumping riff that's reminiscent of the original Mad Max out on the open road, it then weaves it's way through big noisy riffs and catchy choruses. There's pub rock here but it's much more sophisticated than the standard fare, mixed with punk rock with the accents and slang constantly dragging it back to be quintessentially Australian.
Among the huge riffs and distorted bass there are moments of pop. Catchy guitar lines and choruses abound, but it always somehow gets back to that big, fat, riff.

TYM050 : Dreamtime. Strange Pleasures 2x12 gatefold. OUT NOW
Hailing from Brisbane’s underground DIY scene, Dreamtime aims to create personal journeys to help draw listeners out of their frontal lobe consciousness and into sonic fantasies. Drifting off during extended meditative jams, the music plays through Dreamtime. Inspiration comes from psychedelic bands from 1968 – 1971 among other places. 
Dreamtime's first two albums (Dreamtime S/T and SUN) was re-pressed through Brisbane label, Conquest of Noise in 2014. In 2015 Cult UK label Cardinal Fuzz and US label Captcha Records re-pressed (again!) SUN and S/T on vinyl and CD's. 

TYM051 : Kim Salmon. Live at Tym guitars. Limited edition 12". SOLD OUT
This 13 song 12" spans Kim's career highlights with early songs like Frantic Romantic onto Drop Out and Cool Fire, through A Bitter Projection and It's All The Same (originally released with Spencer P Jones) and Carry On Baggage (from Kim and Leanne) right through to Gorgeous & Messed Up and Making me Better from Kim's new album via Scientists classics like Pissed On Another Planet and Swampland. 
Recorded, mixed and mastered for vinyl by Donnie Miller with artwork by Kim Salmon and Cathy Stephens.
Out on Tym records for RSD2017 on April 22nd.

TYM052 : Peter Black. S.A.D 7" 33 rpm 7" EP. OUT NOW
In 2016 Peter Black embarked on a project to record a song a day, every day of the year. These weren't just "sit in a room and strum mindlessly" acoustic songs but crafted, honed and thought out songs in many different genres and styles. Some are acoustic, some are heavy with a full band. There's pop, there's noise. There's punk, there's ... disco. The variety of styles is mind boggling.
For RSD2017 Blackie and I got together to release something on vinyl. I asked Blackie to pick his favourite so he sent me the details and a "leftover" unreleased song that he really wanted out there. I then sat down for days going through 363 songs to pick 2 I wanted.  I was trying not to set a genre  for the EP but instead find 4 completely different songs that fitted together and could be cut into a 7" piece of vinyl.
So, here it is. Out on Tym records for RSD2017 on limited edition 4 song 33 RPM 7", the Peter Black S.A.D EP featuring 4 songs recorded across a mammoth year of recording. 

TYM053 : FOREVR. Classics 12" OUT NOW
This two LP release of dense electronic pop is destined to be an Australian classic. Laboured over for an extended period of time, this heavily layered release has been carefully assembled in two parts, released simultaneously on black vinyl through Tym records.
FOREVR have worked with Tym records before on a 7" release, Shoegazer (TYM040) but the band have developed considerably since this release showing new movements and directions while keeping the core of female vocal driven melodic music with heavy guitars over drum and keyboards. 

TYM054 : FOREVR. Death is a miracle 12" OUT NOW
This two LP release of dense electronic pop is destined to be an Australian classic. Laboured over for an extended period of time, this heavily layered release has been carefully assembled in two parts, released simultaneously on black vinyl through Tym records.
FOREVR have worked with Tym records before on a 7" release, Shoegazer (TYM040) but the band have developed considerably since this release showing new movements and directions while keeping the core of female vocal driven melodic music with heavy guitars over drum and keyboards. 


TYM056 : Grinding Eyes. ST 12" OUT NOW
Grinding Eyes seamlessly combine genres and ideas into fuzz laden sixties psych and pop. The songs are guitar and bass driven slices of horror movie soundtracks and surf tunes melded with garage and psych. The thumping drums drive things along at a heavy pace while the drone of the keyboards gives a slightly uneasy, but pleasant feeling to the whole mix. Matts vocals seem to be coming from some distant place while still being up front and engaging. 
Recorded by Owen Pengilis (Straight Arrows) and mixed by Jim Diamond (The Dirtbombs, The Hives, White Stripes) and mastered in Detroit by Ghetto with both sides clocking in at exactly 18 minutes these 9 songs take you on a real journey of acid tinged British psych via Seattle, Detroit, Berlin and delivered squarely from Sydney, Australia. 

Leavings Cover.jpg

TYM057 : Leavings. Assemblage 12" OUT NOW
These guys play angular, abrasive yet beautiful guitar/bass/drum driven punk with hooks and riffs everywhere interjected with catchy, melodic vocals. 
This debut 12" sounds like Brisbane and yet draws influences from far away in space and time. 
This is an amazingly mature piece of work for three young people to make taking cues from DC hardcore, British post punk and Australian indie while keeping a familiar, but fresh feel.


TYM058 : Peter Black. Maybe if I took my Headphones Off 12" OUT NOW.
As well as extensive recording and touring with his main bands The Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly, this is Blackies 5th solo album, but this time with a band, well, drummers. His year long quest that was the SAD project honed his skills at both songwriting and recording meaning these 12 songs could be recorded in 5 days at Pet Food Factory by Jason Whalley.While Blackies previous solo albums were (mostly) acoustic solo performances, this LP is much more diverse and moves from simple, beautiful pop similar to his other solo albums to heavy, catchy riff laden rock more reminiscent of The Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly.This LP is a wonder of guitar driven pop.


TYM059 : Kim Salmon. Hookline and Singer 12" OUT NOW.
When you play as many shows and Kim Salmon, both with his bands The Scientists, The Surrealists, The Beasts of Bourbon or the many other guises Kim works under including his solo work, there will be ... special shows that you remember as being ... special. One such show was a solo show Kim did in 1992 in Richmond, Melbourne. He set up his amp and guitar at the Central Club that night and ran through a kind of best of set of songs he'd written and co-written up to that point along with a couple of covers unaware that "Heppy", his sound guy was recording the set on DAT through the desk. Kim eventually dubbed some cassette copies to sell on merch stands of his shows. These cassettes eventually became legendary in Kim Salmon circles.
So, 26 years later Hookline and Singer get's it's official vinyl release. The show that stopped the show. The night the planets aligned and Kim channeled all the greats (of which he is one) and performed a show that was, and will be remembered as "one of those shows" that we are all lucky enough was captured on the night at the desk.
Hookline and Singer 12" contains 16 of Kim's favourites performed with an electric guitar and the swagger of Kim Salmon and is out exclusively through Tym records.

Dreamtime - Tidal Mind coverSM.jpg

TYM060 : Dreamtime. Tidal Mind 12" OUT NOW.
TYM060 by the wonderful Brisbane band Dreamtime is available now on PRE SALE through the site and in the shop. Out May 3rd. Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) /Little Cloud Records (USA) and TYM Records (Australia) are proud to bring to you the long awaited fourth full length LP from Brisbane Astral Travelers - Dreamtime. The wave has crashed, producing a million waves of sound, each breaking on the shores of your own TIDAL MIND. DREAMTIME have gazed deeply into the infinite depths of our earthly ocean bringing you their new opus: TIDAL MIND.


TYM061 : Return to White Chairs 12" OUT NOW.
Polarised by the politics and conservatism of this time, Brisbane gave birth to some of the world’s most influential punk, post-punk, and counterculture bands. Return to White Chairs V2 celebrates this time, the music, and the many people that lived, loved and played in that scene. After the measured success of the 2012 Return To White Chairs V1, V2 was never going to be anything but amazing. From the outset, it was realised that this was going to be a huge event. The venue, the production, and the lineup was curated to present a once in a lifetime show to be enjoyed by the fans and the artists alike. It was also recognised that the likelihood of putting together a show like this again was slim at best so it was decided that it must be preserved for posterity. With the help of some of this country’s finest engineers, Tym Records now proudly presents a very special chronicle of this show and a very important slice of Brisbane music history.